Save 25% on ticket purchases thanks to Victorian Government rebate

The way to Neverland has been made that much easier for our Victorian guests with the announcement of the ‘Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program’. The Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program offers 25 per cent back on eligible dining and entertainment purchases across the state. So, for the lovers of fairies, pirates, boys who never grew up and the magic of Neverland, it means from Tuesday 29 March, you can claim 25 per cent back on the total cost of your entertainment experience when you spend $40 or more.

For attendees of ‘Peter Pan – the 360º Adventure’ that means if you purchase four tickets, you can essentially get the fifth for FREE. That’s a happy enough thought to take you all the way to Neverland!

The details

Rebates can be claimed for entertainment experiences anywhere in Melbourne and Victoria, on any day of the week.

If you do not receive a tax invoice from the event provider, a confirmation email can be accepted as proof of purchase if it shows the business name, purchase date, items purchased and transaction total.

Download the proof of purchase guide below for instructions on saving your email as a PDF to upload with your claim.

  • At 3pm (29th March 2022) the Victorian Government will opened its rebate scheme for Dining and Entertainment –
  • The program allows an individual ticket purchaser to claim up to 25% back in combined rebates to a maximum of $125. So, if somebody purchased a ticket for $120 they could claim $30 back and this would be refunded to them within 5 days of their claim being lodged.
  • Based on the FAQ’s on the website the following scenario is possible: if a Mum purchased four tickets at $120 each spending $480, they could claim $120 back which in effect means they got one ticket for free.  The website states:”
  • If I purchase multiple tickets for a group of people, can each person separately claim for their individual ticket price?No. Only one claim can be made per proof of purchase or tax invoice. The claim will be declined if the same proof of purchase or tax invoice is used more than once. Rebates will not be split based on the number of tickets. Individual venues may agree to split bills and provide separate proofs of purchase that can be claimed separately.
  1. Using their Ticketmaster receipt customers will go to a secure website that will come live later today to process their claim.
  2. There is up to $60 million available for the rebate scheme which will be paid on a first come first-served basis.
  3. There are logos that are being released on the dining package that prompt purchasers to claim 25% of their purchase.  See the Dining Program PDF attached – page 5 shows the imagery.  I have been unable to find a similar logo for the entertainment program but this may come available once it launches at 3 pm 29/03/2022.

It’s exciting news for us and we hope it is for you too. See you soon under the stars in the Impressario Hippodrome.

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