Impresario Productions is seeking cast submissions from strong actors with great comedic flair and unique performance skills for the upcoming Australian tour of the internationally acclaimed theatrical show Peter Pan – The 360° Adventure.



This spectacular theatre experience presented in a unique venue is an exciting new staging of the classic story of the boy who didn’t grow up. Peter Pan – The 360° Adventure is a magical production staged in the round in a purpose-built theatre pavilion: the Impresario Hippodrome. Over 1,000 square metres of high resolution digital scenic projections and Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) effects create a spectacular technological backdrop to tell the much-loved Peter Pan story. Audiences young and old will be inspired by the flight, fun and fantasy of this immersive adventure to Neverland.


Based on the play by

J M Barrie

Produced by

Craig Donnell for Impresario Productions

Directed by

Craig Ilott

Script Adaptation by

Louis Nowra

Designed by

Bill Dudley

Music by

Benjamin Wallfisch

Sound Design by

Greg Clarke


  • Performers must be aged 16 or over by the commencement of rehearsals, and must be available for the full tour.
  • Rehearsals to commence on or about 22 April 2022.
  • The first season (Melbourne) will commence June 2022, followed by additional cities (to be announced).
  • Publicity calls and costume fittings may be required in advance of these dates (to be advised).
  • Contract commitment will be Run of Play – Australia; from 22 April 2022 for an approximately 9-11 month period.


  • First round auditions will be a video submission via the submission link below.
  • For Round 1 auditions, please submit 1 x 2-minute (approx.) monologue of your choice. The monologue should be non-show material, but should showcase your acting skills.
  • Round 2 (in-person auditions) will be by invitation only. You will be contacted directly with specific details about the role(s) and specific show material to prepare.


  • Submissions will only be accepted via the form on this page (scroll down for form).
  • Please make sure that all files attached to the submission are clearly labelled with name of performer on CV file name and Headshot file name. CVs must be in PDF format.
  • Video links must be able to be streamed online (no files that need downloading).
  • Please use Unlisted YouTube link (preferred) or Private or Unlisted Vimeo link.
  • One link containing all material is preferred.


Please use Unlisted YouTube video links or Private or Unlisted Vimeo links. Some useful references below on privacy settings: 

Go to Edit button in Video settings then navigate to the Privacy section. Select “Unlisted” and then “Save Changes”. You can now share the link to the video that is unlisted to public searches. 

With Plus membership (or higher) use setting “Only people with a password” for the privacy setting and then remember to include the password in the submission form when submitting your link. If you have a Pro, Premium or Business account please choose the setting “Only people with the private link” and then share the link – this will set the video as unlisted and alleviate the need for a password.


All invited auditionees for Round 2 will need to be available for all the audition dates in one city to be considered for this production.


Saturday 22 – Tuesday 25 January 2022


Thursday 27 – Sunday 30 January 2022



  • Auditions are strictly by appointment only. Auditions cannot be guaranteed for all applicants submitted.
  • Applicants should be available for the entire audition period (in one city). Any restrictions must be noted in the submission.
  • Auditions will take place in Sydney and Melbourne only.
  • Auditions are at the risk and the sole financial responsibility of the auditionee.
  • Applicants may be photographed and recorded as part of their participation in the audition process for casting purposes.
  • Applicants may be asked to be recorded, either inside or outside of the audition room, with such recording to possibly be used for promotional content of the production process including, but not limited to; news stories, programming for broadcast and social media. Such recording will be voluntary and without compensation.
  • Applicants will need to comply with the COVID Safety Plan at all times as applicable on the date of auditions. The COVID Safety Plan will be sent to Applicants just prior to the commencement of auditions.
  • Applicants must be eligible to work in Australia.
  • Applicants must be able to comment on their vaccination status, and be compliant with any Directions for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.


This production recognises the diversity of the Australian performing community and we seek to foster a more realistic and more creative representation of Australia on our stages. To this end we strongly encourage applications from performers of varied experiences, perspectives and circumstances including performers form culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and performers with disabilities.

The production features extensive aerial/flying work. Performers must be comfortable working at heights.

Captain Hook/Mr. Darling 

Age: 35-50

Mr. Darling is a well-intentioned but ultimately egotistical man who tries to do the best for his family. Captain Hook is the leader of a rotten bunch of pirates; crazed, cunning, and flamboyant, he is insanely jealous of Peter’s youth and ease; an easy, yet commanding stage presence with comedic ability, wit, and panache.

Peter Pan 

Age: 16-25

A free spirit, an anarchist, a total child with a child’s abandon and heartlessness; he lives in the moment, is forgetful, and despises the adult world; he is a boy of action and should be lithe and exceptionally fit; extensive aerial work required; he is feral and free of any of the trappings of civilization.

Wendy Darling

Age: 16-25

A young girl making herself ready for adulthood with both fear and joyful expectation; very curious about boys, with a strong maternal instinct and sense of responsibility; she is deeply frustrated by Peter’s lack of interest in her; should have a pleasing singing voice and good physicality, as there are extended aerial sequences.

Tinker Bell

Age: 16-25

A feisty, mercurial fairy who is utterly devoted to Peter and would sacrifice herself for him; Tink has the emotional state of a toddler, with all the fury, joy, and playfulness that implies; outstanding physical skills required and huge stage presence to fill the space and express emotions with the totality of her body; previous aerial experience a big plus. Should be very petite, approximately 4’10” to 5’2”.

Mrs Darling

Age: 30-45

Strong actress with great warmth, she is beautiful, elegant, patient, enigmatic; she has real class, style, and delicacy.

Michael Darling

Age: 16-25

Joyful, innocent, and pure-hearted; he still has the courage of a boy who doesn’t understand what danger is; strong physicality required, as there are extended aerial sequences.

John Darling

Age: 16-25

A boy who tries to understand things scientifically and analytically, he is a little stiff, but loosens up in Neverland; protective of his younger brother Michael; strong physicality required, as there are extended aerial sequences.


Age: 30-45

Hook’s sidekick and the second half of an odd couple with Hook; a rather miscast pirate, being gentle and quiet, he excels at sewing and doesn’t really relish killing. Under 6’.

Lost Boys

Age: 16-25

Strong actors under 5’10”, all genders, ethnicities with athletic dance/movement, tumbling ability, and vibrant personalities; aerial, circus, and Chinese pole experience is a plus. Some may understudy principal roles.


Age: 18-45

Strong actors of all shapes, sizes, genders, and ethnicities, with good movement ability, strength, stage combat experience, and ability to play portable instruments (mandolin, accordion, ukulele, guitar) a plus; tumbling ability is also a plus; some may understudy principal roles.


Age: 18-35

In-shape actresses with strong aerial and dance skills; pretty, fun-loving, and lovable. Experienced with aerial silks/Tissu or aerial hoop/Lyra. May understudy female principal roles.


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